What’s Cookin’ at the REC?

One of the Recreational Education Center‘s favorite activities is cooking!  Anything from trail mix to tie dye cupcakes- We use our full kitchen and ample prep space to make sure each child has the chance to participate!

Cooking a great way to learn life skills, team work and gain a sense of delicious accomplishment. The REC’s Program Coordinators and staff are eager to find and try new recipes making the kitchen a place for creative expression.  One main component of the REC Recipes is the visual instructions allowing children of all skill levels to participate.

Upload the below easy REC staff and student favorites, complete with pictures!

Trail Mix
Pigs in a Blanket

All campers will receive a full Camp REC 2013 Cookbook, but it will also be available for purchase with all proceeds to go towards the new REC Scholarship Fund. For more information please email info@recreationaleducationcenter.com.

Happy Cooking!