Create Your Own Winter Wonderland!

Ripped Paper Wreath


  1. Color paper plate ring with green crayon or marker.
  2. Rip green paper into small pieces and glue to paper plate.
  3. Add a red construction paper bow.
  4. Add glitter, pompoms, or crinkled tissue paper for the berries on the wreath.

Doily Santa Claus


  1. Cut red triangle and glue onto green paper.
  2. Glue doily onto center of triangle.
  3. Add Santa’s face, eyes, nose, and mustache.
  4. Glue on 3 black buttons to Santa’s coat.
  5. Glue cotton ball onto Santa’s hat.
  6. Use white paint to add snow to picture.

  Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Plate Christmas Trees

  1. Paint paper plate green and add green glitter to wet paint.
  2. While paint is drying, have students lace small beads onto pipe cleaner.
  3. Cut paper plate into thirds, and staple together to form a tree.
  4. Use hole puncher to attach strand of beads for the lights.
  5. Add a star to the top of the tree and a brown tree trunk.

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